We are embarking on a campaign to raise $3-6 million to purchase, restore and develop land outside of Seattle, Washington, where we’ll be able to focus on community programming and restoring the land with our agricultural partners.

Space for your self

Gathering Roots Retreat & Wellness Center is a Black led and Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) centered organization focused on creating retreat space for community and organizations. We facilitate community wellness from the intersections of Black power, land sovereignty  and engaged Buddhist movements.  We intend to offer space for teaching the Dharma in the Black diaspora, holistic wellness, and community justice.  Wellness in community encompasses artistic expression, sustainable land stewardship for food sovereignty, and space to witness and heal.  We value cultural connection to each other and the land. All those in the Black community deserve a space where they can BE all of their intersectional selves while in respite. Further, by providing cultural explorations of the land, traditional healing gatherings, and social justice coalition building, our collective lives the intention to lift the oppression of generational trauma through liberation and joy! Gathering Roots is a home for transformative work.

How We Move

On the path of ancestral work of BlackWomen’s Health Project, Abolitionist, Black Power, LGBTQIA, and Healing Justice movements

We Believe

  • We begin by listening
  • ancestral talking circles enable all voices
  • the healing power of pleasure
  • mindfulness of the present moment and acceptance of the paradoxes of our rich human emotional landscape
  • creating majority people of color and Native spaces for healing
  • Centering the genius and leadership of disabled and chronically ill communities, for what we know about surviving and resisting the medical industrial complex and living with fierce beauty in our bodies. We say no to the medical industrial complex’s model of “cure or be useless,” instead working from a place of belief in the wholeness of disability, interdependence and disabled people as inherently good as we are. We understand that there can be no healing justice without disability justice
  • eating together as a form of organizing and healing
  • food sovereignty & justice and cooking as healing
  • queer and trans and Two Spirit presence and brilliance
  • Drawing our lineage as healers from our ancestors, Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hammer, Black Women’s Health Project, the 2010 US Social Forum’s Healing Justice Practice Space, indigenous and people of color feminism, disability justice and Health At Every Size.
  • decolonization as a central goal and principle of our work
  • building and maintaining relationship to the land as part of our healing practices
  • centering indigenous sovreignity
  • challenging fatphobia, using a Health at Every Size framework and creating healing spaces for all bodies to define what healthy means for them.
  • Black, Indigenous and POC feminist leadership
  • listening to and honoring our ancestors
  • resisting the “cure” model and understanding that for many people, the goal of healing is not a “perfect” able body.
  • centering people’s autonomy and consent for healing; understanding that folks we work on healing with are in charge of their own treatment decisions.
  • sustainability as a political practice and caring for self – not burning out. doing what our  bodies can actually do.
  • We acknowledge that many people don’t identify as healers, and want to complicate the idea of professionalization and “who gets to be a healer.”
  • sex positivity
  • The process is the product. Treating each other well and making room for space, mistakes, things to take longer than we thought, and using restorative practices to mend with each other.

Masks for covid-19

Right now, many Gathering Roots volunteers are making masks for all those who need them. If you or anyone you know needs masks, please click here.

If you would like to volunteer to join the mask making team
Finally, Gathering Roots is offering a “Daily Breather,” a space for us to take a breath and witness together.

Tracy L. Stewart

Omitosin King-Fayemi

Kirsten Harris-Talley

Karen Toering

 Kristi Brown


Kendra Aguilar

Nikki Chau

 Kalisto Nanen

ChrisTiana Obey-Sumner

Regent Brown

Katrina Sanford

Melony Edwards

Michelle Phillips

Sharon Suh

Sierra Pickett

Yoona Lee

Chris Peguero


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