Dr. Katrina Sanford

Dr. Katrina Sanford is a Psychotherapist with a background in Clinical Psychology with specializations in Trauma and Sex Therapy. Dr. Sanford uses her trauma informed background to challenge social injustice for her clients and community, particularly racially induced inequities.

In her private practice, which is located in the new African-centered healing arts space called Nile’s Edge (www.nilesedge.com) that she co-owns, Dr. Sanford treats couples and individuals with a focus on issues related to sexual health difficulties, alternative lifestyles/relationships (polyamory/non-monogamy,) members of the LGBTQ community, anxiety and mood disorders, womyn’s issues, gender identity struggles, and trauma, including different forms of abuse.

She is also the Executive Director of Earth Pearl Collective, a queer black womyn nonprofit organization dedicated to healing their community through creative collaborations (www.earthpearlcollective.com).

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