Practice Healing

Join us in to learn a variety of ways of cultivating self awareness, wisdom, and compassion to support you, all of us, in moving through the world in a way that reduces harm and enhances connectedness and care for each other.

Practice Healing

Join us in to learn a variety of ways of cultivating self awareness, wisdom, and compassion to support you, all of us, in moving through the world in a way that reduces harm and enhances connectedness and care for each other.

Meditation with Heather

Saturdays 10AM
60 minute class

October 10th, 2021 – June 30th, 2022

We will use the power of our breath and our connection to the world around us to hone our natural ability to focus and live in the present moment. Each class will start with Meditation 101 instruction and include moments of community connection and chances to ask questions.If you’ve been curious about what meditation can shift in your life or you’re looking to refresh your practice in a group setting, please join us!

Meditation with Bambi

Calm your mind, settle your body and find a softer focus to your day. This class will include breath awareness and guided meditation from many traditions which may include: Mantra meditation, guided imagery, mindfulness etc… Meditation can be done in a chair or seated on yoga blankets. Beginners to practicing meditators will benefit from this class.

Coaching with Bettina

Are you interested in trying out a few new ideas for 2022?
If you’re looking for more meaning or clarity for 2022 book four life coach sessions and open yourself up to new possibilities. Sessions available the week of January 16 – book your complimentary discovery call now.
African Dance Class Flyer, Gathering Roots

African Dance with Sumayya Adult Class

The focus of this class will be styles from Senegal & Sierra Leone, W. Africa and will include traditional dance inspired by life events such as birth, naming ceremonies, marriage and dances of “welcome” such as Fanga. In this class we will explore expressions of dance and movement, drum & rhythm, cultural practice, and how all dance sustains the health and well-being of community.

African Dance with Sumayya Kids Class

Dance with Ms. Sumayya!

This class will introduce young people to dance styles from Senegal & Sierra Leone, W. Africa and will be an introduction to traditional dances from these regions.

In this class students will explore expressions of dance and movement, drum & rhythm, cultural practice, and how all dance sustains the health and well-being of the community.

Stillness and Sound

Join Tai Mattox on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month for a meditation class series designed for beginners and experienced meditators alike. All are welcome as we explore various types of breathing exercises and meditation practices. Each class will begin with community check-ins, followed by an exploration of various practices. We’ll always end with a sound bath using singing bowls, to invite rest and to seal in what we’ve learned together. 

Kemetic Yoga 101: Ma'at Ka Sequence

Tuesdays, January 11 through June 28, 2022 – 6pm PT/9pmET

Each week students will be guided in a beginner practice of the Ma’at Ka sequence. During the first few weeks, the practice will be broken down into digestible parts so that students can get acquainted with the unique postures, alignment, and Rule of 4 breath work. As our practice progresses, we will work toward doing the complete sequence to fully embody all that Ma’at represents. (The Ma’at Ka sequence is a standing practice that greatly involves forward folds and twisting of the waist and lower back.)

Introduction to Ma'at: A Kemetic Yoga Workshop

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 – 6pm PT/9pm ET

In this 2-hour workshop, students will learn about the fullness of Ma’at. We will explore Ma’at as a goddess of the Kemetic pantheon as well as how Ma’at is embodied through the seven core principles and the 42 confessions. (This interactive workshop is discussion-based and will include little-to-no physical movement.)

Coaching with Bettina

I’ve been trained in an approach rooted in the knowledge that the client is the expert. I use powerful questions and exercises to support the growth of my client’s ability to access their inner wisdom, knowledge and Unfold their own myth. I help you get clear and find more meaning in your life especially if you don’t know how to get there — yet.  What’s a life coach? A life coach is a guide trained to help people work through everyday problems and find powerful solutions to create a life that they love. It is a collaborative process between coach and client to help clients get clear about what they truly want in life, especially if they are feeling indecisive about an important decision. It’s important to be aware that a life coach does not address issues that a therapist will, such as severe emotional disturbances and mental health concerns. However, you can work with a life coach and your therapist simultaneously. Coaching is not therapy, counseling or advice giving and is not a substitute for psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, legal, medical or other professional services.

Collaborating Practitioners

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Eternity Philops


Bettina Marie Jones

Heather Ace Adams

Jennifer Moore

Natasha Chaoua, Gathering Roots

Natasha Chaou

Lia Hall, Gathering Roots

Lia Hall

Ambadasi Michelle, Gathering Roots

Ambadassi Michelle

Niv Patel

Cindy Zhou

Tai Mattox

Lisa Stewart, Gathering Roots

Lisa Stewart

Kristi Brown

Kristi Brown

Michelle Phillips

Yoona Lee

If you are a healing and wellness practitioner or facilitator of liberation work
and would like to partner with us please reach out!

Eternity Philops

Eternity Philops (she/they/Mx.) is a bodaciously Black and unapologetically queer conscious being who works to educate and serve Black, POC, and QTPOC communities in Yoga wellness.

The owner of Soul Liberation Wellness based in Charlotte, NC, USA, Eternity began teaching professionally in 2017 after earning certifications in both Hatha Yoga and Kemetic Yoga. With passionate dedication, Eternity has taught hundreds of students through community classes, university courses, private sessions, and wellness retreats.

Brinda Sivaramakrishnan

Brinda Sivaramakrishnan, MPH, CHES (known by friends as Bambi,) is a yoga and meditation instructor certified through the International Association for Human Values and Sri Sri School of Yoga.  Her day job is co-chairing and teaching a Community Health Bachelor’s degree program at Tacoma Community College.

She loves teaching yoga and meditation because it addresses a fundamental cause of disease: stress.  She is a strong believer in the healing power of our own breath and the ability that each person has to access intuition, ancestral wisdom and “siddhis,” our unique super-powers.

Bettina Marie Jones

Bettina Marie Jones is a self-described late bloomer and lover of leaving.  She’s living an intuitive-led life that’s transforming every aspect of her being which, at this moment in time, has included moving across the country to a new city without knowing a soul, leaving beloved family, friends, and a damned good job only to discover she’s been a Wayfinder all along.  Through her living, teaching, speaking and coaching style, Bettina creates and holds a sacred space for others to discover the delightful truths that lie within for them to Unfold their own myth. I’m a  Martha Beck Inc. Life Coach Training Program Graduate (Martha Beck is a Harvard educated practitioner, bestselling author, and was a frequent guest on Oprah’s show, and monthly columnist in Oprah’s magazine).

Heather Ace Adams

Heather Ace Adams currently facilitates meditation and creative spaces in person and online. She is a freelance writer in the health and wellness space and offers support & counsel to a diverse community in the Pacific Northwest. Her blog, Semi Woo, is a resource for folks at every level of their Spirit journey and seeks to offer healing and insight through an often irreverent, warm, forward thinking BIPOC lens.
Jennifer Moore, Gathering Roots

Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore is an artist born and raised in the Northwest. As a musician, sound meditation practitioner, and poet she makes offerings in the name of Love. In collaboration with Gathering Roots, she will be offering sound bath meditations, an immersive sonic experience to balance and relax the body, mind and spirit. This balance is intended to calm the nervous system, so that through deep-breathing and deep-listening we may receive the divine wisdom housed in silence to guide us on our journey’s home. All efforts rooted in and all roads leading to, Love.

Niv Patel

Niv is a queer South Asian American womxn that is using yoga to heal herself, build community, and explore spirituality. Niv offers classes regularly through Liberation Flow, a POC yoga collective based in Seattle.

Cindy Zhou

I am a nerd about anatomy and the nervous system. For over a decade, my main squeeze has been yin yoga. I love holding space for embodiment and stillness, especially for POC community. When I’m feeling inspired, I often incorporate what I learn as a lay scholar of fascia and Five Element meridian theory into class.

Tai Mattox

Tai Mattox is a Chopra Center certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor. Her greatest joy is helping people slow down, get still and find their inner guidance. As the founder of Experiences by Tai, she facilitates this process through meditation, mindfulness, holistic movement and vibrational sound therapy.

Tai has taught meditation and mindfulness to adults through one-on-one private instruction, presentations to non-profit organizations and for-profit companies, mindfulness sessions at community events and professional development for educators in academic environments.

Tai has also worked with children and youth from ages 4 to 20; some with documented disabilities, some who are justice-involved, and many in traditional educational institutions, sharing mindfulness exercises to assist them with self-management and emotional awareness.

Prior to discovering the path of stillness, Tai managed a career with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts for almost 20 years.

Tai is devoted to family, friends and causes that she believes in, with all relationships being reciprocal, loving and kind. She was raised in Seattle and lives in south Seattle with her family. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups and the sound of her son’s laughter bring her immense joy.

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